The Most Adorable Anti-Whaling Video Ever

The Most Adorable Anti-Whaling Video Ever

I’m not a fan of using kids for causes. This is because, while at the March for Women’s Lives in 2004, I saw a few tiny tots—no higher than my knee!—jumping up and down, squealing, “Hey hey! Ho ho! George Bush has got to go!” And as much as it appealed to the (big) part of me that too wanted to see him go, and as cute as they were—they even had little drawings—I knew they probably had no idea what they were talking about, which bothers me.

However, this little guy—who is unbelievably adorable—seems to know what he’s talking about. When he gets to the part about Obama, though, I have to wonder if he’s being fed lines. I’m sure the probability of that is pretty high; after all, young children usually don’t pore over campaign videos, presidential promises, and whatnot. (It is, of course, very possible. I know plenty of kids who took on causes at an early age, including myself, and I’m sure the Internet has made it much easier to do so.)

But the rest of this video sounds like it’s from his heart. Child wisdom is always so simple and beautiful, yet profound when we actually sit down and listen to it, and I’m thinking that at least the beginning of this video is just that.



If you’d like to do what this child suggests—to simply not tolerate the killing of whales and to ask the president to maintain his promise—you can click here to take action through Save BioGems.

If you’d like to call the White House instead—which is often considered a stronger option—please feel free to do so. The International Fund for Animal Welfare has all of the information you need to do this, including a sample script if you’d like to use it. You can also report the call you made if you like.

Better yet, take both actions! Like this little guy says, the whales don’t hurt us, so why should we hurt them?

And if you’d like to go even further, the Humane Society of the United States has a wonderful page full of actions you can take, from contacting nations that actively kill whales to boycotting companies that participate in whaling to using email, social networks, and web badges to help spread the word. You can also learn much more about whaling through the site’s fact sheets.