President Obama, Please Don't Kill the Whales

President Obama, Please Don't Kill the Whales

Oh, Barack.

You know I love you. You know I cried both when you were elected and when you were sworn in. You know I defend you to my entire conservative family and my conservative friends, and that I appreciate the things you’ve done—over 100—that you did promise to do when office.

And as your supporter, I also forgive you when you forget promises that you made. But when your forget, I’d like you to please listen to us when we try to help you remember. For example, you promised to save whales and to not allow commercial whaling to happen when you were campaigning. Animal activists were so thrilled—I remember you even trying vegan food during your campaign, actually.

But now something has gone wrong. Your new position seems to be in support of commercial whaling, and of the Japanese methods of cruel whale killing as well. Please say it isn’t so!

Mr. President, there’s a reason that the US has not supported commercial whaling in over two decades. Americans love whales—true, that pretty much sums it up. But whaling is a very cruel and bloody business, resulting in the decimation of the population of great sentient creatures, mammals like ourselves, who love, have families, raise their young, and definitely experience pain.

And this pain is not for a good cause. Whale meat is not necessary for anyone’s diet. It’s optional—which means that putting the power to kill them into people’s hands is also optional for you. I hope that you will take the time to rethink your options here and condemn commercial whaling for what it is—a heinous, brutal practice used for human greed and nothing more—and staunchly stand against it as you previously said you would.

You may even want to watch the Modest Mouse music video that reverses humans and whales, depicting the devastation in a cartoon to show us how it would be if we were the whales and the whales hunted us. Please pay attention to the horror on the faces of the humans as their loved ones are taken from them and killed so violently—the pain on the faces of the tortured humans—and know that whales experience this as they are killed.

And I hope that everyone remembers to help remind you to do so, too. They can use the form here to write you right away.