Rescued Whale Thanks Divers for their Help

Rescued Whale Thanks Divers for their Help

I came across a story a short while back about a whale that got caught up in crab trap lines off the coast of San Francisco and was freed by Coast Guard divers.  The rescue operation took more than hour to perform, as the whale was caught up in a network of more than 20 ropes that were preventing it from being able to surface.

The story was not spectacular simply because of the rescue, but because of what happened afterwards.  Once the whale had been freed, it seemed to thank those who had rescued it, splashing about in the water and rubbing against the divers in gratitude.

I later came across another, similar tale from Baja, California, where a whale had been caught in a nylon net and divers were again brought in to cut the net and free it.  The same sort of event followed the rescue, with the whale leaping out of the water and putting on a show of sorts for around an hour.

These two events made me realize exactly how interconnected life can be, regardless of where it originates.  The communication from the whales could be labeled as coincidence or people may say that it’s a misinterpretation on the part of those who were present, but I’d like to think that the whales knew what they were doing.

Creatures as smart as whales can most likely recognize when they have a friend who is trying to help them.  When the divers arrived and managed to alleviate the problem that the sea creature was having, it knew, even if just a little, that they were on its side.  This interspecies connection is something that we need to explore more, so that these sorts of events can be better explained and we can come to a deeper understanding of what’s possible between the human race and other creatures.  By looking further into the subject, it may even be possible to discover some way to communicate with whales, dolphins and other more intelligent species on a level that we both can understand freely.  Who knows what can be learned, if we seek out the answers?