Yahoo! profiting from the death of whales?

Yahoo! profiting from the death of whales?

Most people know that such things as dolphin and whale meat, as well as other products made from these amazing animals, are illegal to sell across the internet.  This is only the case in most places, of course.  There are still those few countries that go against the international trend condone this sort of activity.  A recent investigation by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) into this sort of activity in Japan has shown that business giant Yahoo! may be profiting from the deaths of these sea creatures by allowing the sale of dolphin and whale-related items through their site.

Nearly 250 whale products were found on the Yahoo! Japan website, many of them coming from internationally protected species of whales.  Further investigation showed that these products violated more than good taste.  Some were labeled improperly in violation of sales laws and several of the edible products had a mercury content way above legal levels.

Although Yahoo! Japan is not directly involved in the killing process, by allowing their sites to be used for these kinds of sales they are helping to keep demand of said products up by making them available.  If people have access to them, they will buy.  Thus people will hunt and kill whales and dolphins to make sure they get a part of that potentially lucrative business.

Yahoo! has banned the sale of such products from all of their other sites, so one has to ask why they still offer these services in Japan.  Yahoo! replied to this question by stating that since Yahoo! Japan is independent to their other businesses, they have no control over what can or can not be sold on the site.  They have further been taking steps to distance themselves from their Japanese partner, though whether this is from fear or good taste is unknown.  Yahoo! Japan refused to comment when they were queried about their actions.

If Yahoo! can’t do anything about it and the Japanese government refuses to do anything about it, the only thing that can be done is to boycott Yahoo! Japan and hope that a kick in their wallet may do something.  I urge everyone who may use that site to cross it off your list until they comply with the wishes of the rest of the world and stop slaughtering whales and dolphins in the name of profit.