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Bad Science: Whale "research" another name for commercial whaling

The butchers scientists at the Institute of Cetacean Research in Tokyo have revealed the findings of their more than twenty years study of minke whales. The study was published by mainstream publication Polar Biology, after being rejected by two other scientific journals. Check out this story for more details. So after brutally slaughtering more than 4,500 minke whales, what did the research show: Whales are losing blubber due to climate change. The scientists justified the killings by saying that it was the only way to accurately study the animals. Some of the animals were unusable in the research because of the damage to their bodies from explosive harpoons and other crude methods used to kill them. The researchers claim that krill, the main source of the minke whale's diet, is in decline in the oceans. The study argues that global warming, over-fishing of krill for fish harvesting and competition from humpback whales are the culprits. Many in the scientific community fear that Japan will use this as an excuse for allowing commercial whaling of the humpbacks and other larger cetaceans. Luckily, researchers in New Zealand and Australia plan to launch their own study, but without the gruesome slaughtering. Read more here.