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Mass Krill Harvesting Could Lead to Starvation

With the popular uprising of herbal supplements and treatments environmentalists are starting to show concern for mass krill harvesting. They worry that fishing krill in this manner in small areas may starve land based animals that can not travel far as well as the possibility of a food shortage for whales. Animals that depend on krill for nutrition in addition to our large whale friends are fish, seals and penguins. Taking away their source of food not only could lead to starvation but extinction in these small areas that are being harvested. Without one of the most basic necessities to survive such as nutrition their life expectancies are greatly shortened as well as healthy reproduction.
Krill are known to be the most successful species on earth. They are tiny crustaceans found in every ocean. Their total biomass is estimated to be 400 million tonnes which is equal to twice the human population. Mainly harvested by the Soviet Union the original desire for these ocean creatures was to be used as a delicacy for the Polish and Germans. This tradition began in the 1970's sometime.
Aside to being harvested for good eats, health nuts are wanting to get their hands on as much krill as they can. Krill is now being harvested for creation of producing Krill Oil in pill form. These supplements are believed to combine both antioxidants and omega-3's. It has been known for years that you can get your fill of these needs by consuming fish but some supplement stores are instilling fear of eating fish to push people into preferring the Krill Oil supplements instead.
Granted there are some that should refrain from eating fish and or shell fish for health reasons but not everyone needs to fear. The FDA and EPA only officially advise against consumption of fish/shell fish to children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Some herbal advocates are tyring to scare everyone into thinking that fish in our supermarkets or even caught fresh are too polluted to be edible and do not contain enough nutritional value to do the job. Your fear is what is giving Krill Oil supplements the great market that it has resulting in the mass krill harvesting that could very well lead to starvation for krill dependent animals.
An inside look on antioxidants and Omega-3s: They take care of harmful metabolic byproducts that damage cells and tissues throughout your body or more commonly defined, they allow your body to neutralize free radicals. Omega-3s promote heart health and provide your immune system and mood swings support. Krill are found to be high in content due to their diet of algae.
Though there are some studies that are going on that could be very beneficial natural remedies. Currently those that have problems with high cholesterol or sufferers of PMS and even those with arthritis may end up benefiting from krill, though for now we can get our antioxidants and Omega-3s through fish oil supplements or simply sitting down to a good salmon dinner.