December 2008

Beaked Whales: First Marine Mammal to Use Secondary Sexual Selection in Mating

The rarely seen beaked whales have scientists talking. Mostly found only as carcasses washed ashore leading to their discovery in the first place, researchers have been doing some testing pertaining to their teeth and the connection with breeding. Scientists presume that their teeth have evolved as secondary traits to help females select males of the right species. These whales are identical and the only difference in gender is teeth or tusks.

Mass Krill Harvesting Could Lead to Starvation

With the popular uprising of herbal supplements and treatments environmentalists are starting to show concern for mass krill harvesting. They worry that fishing krill in this manner in small areas may starve land based animals that can not travel far as well as the possibility of a food shortage for whales. Animals that depend on krill for nutrition in addition to our large whale friends are fish, seals and penguins. Taking away their source of food not only could lead to starvation but extinction in these small areas that are being harvested.