July 2009

Japan's Assault on Whales Increases with Bycatch Kills

Organizations such as the Sea Sheppard Society have brought a great deal of attention to the whale slaughters carried by Japanese whaling fleets through various campaigns and the Whale Wars show that documented the fight against these whaling vessels to keep the quickly disappearing whale populations alive. However, little attention has been drawn to the other war that Japan has waged against whales through the unregulated kills associated with bycatch.

Mini Guide to Whale Watching

Whales are some of the most majestic creatures that have ever graced this earth. Did you know that the largest dinosaur would have only been half the size of the incredible blue whale? Watching whales is like seeing something much bigger than you are—both literally and figuratively. If you love whales and plan to go whale watching sometime soon, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

When you choose to go whale watching depends on the species you’re hoping to see. The best season to se an orca, or killer whale, is usually in the winter, and humpbacks are typically more viewable September through January. The gray whale is more unpredictable.