August 2009

Tumor Concerns Around Migaloo the Albino Humpback Whale

While making his annual migration through the Pacific, the infamous solid albino humpback whale, Migaloo, was recently seen again returning to the waters of the Queensland area. Observers spotted the white whale which seemed to be moving in a southeast direction from Snapper Island and may be headed for the reef. Although Migaloo seems to be in good shape and is behaving normally and displaying all of the normal signs of a healthy and active humpback whale, some concerns have been raised about a lump spotted on the whale's head that could pose a potential threat to his health.

Heath Ledger's Modest Mouse Whaling Video to Benefit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Both shocking and stirring, Modest Mouse’s new video for their song “King Rat” truly fits the music piece itself. Stark illustrations reveal a whaling team set out to sea—only, instead of humans, they are actual whales, gruff and unflinching, much like human fisherman are often portrayed in reality television shows.

As the lyrics spin a scenario of unquenchable greed, the captain and his mates sneer and ready for their catch, following the smirking sun:

“…I took all that I desired, even crooks have to pay the rent. We swam like rats on fire right, right down the reservoir. We took all that we could carry but we tried to carry more.”