September 2009

Greenpeace Offers Student Activist Training

If you’re into saving whales and a fan of Greenpeace, this might be your chance to get a bit more acquainted with both.

Greenpeace’s Organizing Team is accepting applications for its Spring 2010 Student Activist Training. As a Greenpeace Student Activist, you can become a leader in the environmental movement.

Greenpeace says that this program, located in both Washington, DC and San Francisco, is the best hands-on training for student activists. A semester of activism and training, the program entails grassroots organizing fundamentals as well as instruction in media, campaign strategy and direct action. Over fifty trainings are included in the program.

Diver High-Fives a Humpback whale

Scuba diver and photographer Marco Queral has been taking incredible photographs with, and of,

humpback whales for some time. I was initially worried that Queral might be harassing the whales, but based on comments he's made in interviews, he waits for the whales to make the first move. Queral seems to be both extraordinarily patient, and deeply respectful towards the 50-foot mammals. He relies on their own curiosity, and is very much aware that they are not toys.

94 Endangered Fin Whales Killed in Iceland Slaughter

This year, 150 whales were slaughtered in the Iceland whale hunts which continue to spite protests and controversy. The numbers for this year's whaling season surpasses the number of kills from the previous year and included 94 fin whales which are still considered endangered by many conservationists around the world. Common minke whales were also targeted for the slaughter.

The Icelandic government defends the hunt by claiming that they are hunting from “abundant stocks” and justifying the kills by referring to their rightful use of “living marine resources” with little regard for the whales. They still refuse to comply with the international ban on whaling to despite outrage from around the world.