March 2010

Pacific Northwest Orcas are Eating Chinook Salmon

Killer whales and Chinook Salmon are both protected species because of their dwindling numbers, but Pacific Northwest killer Orca whales are focusing their palates on the Chinook Salmon, making the recovery process for both animals more than a little interesting.

There are approximately 90 Killer Whales in the region who travel along the coast of the Pacific Northwest of the United States and southern Canada. If you have had the chance to travel in the San Juans of the United States and see them from the ferry, you know that the Orcas are not small- the killer whales weigh in at 6,000-12,000 pounds. The whales are not what I would call light eaters either- they eat “up to 300 pounds of fish a day”.  

New Bill Seeks to Protect Whales

A new bill was introduced in the Senate on Monday aimed at protecting whales, many of which are severely endangered, from further exploitation and hunting. The bill would reinforce the United State's commitment to the whaling ban of 1986 by the IWC (International Whaling Commission) as well as provide for research into whale habitats in order to find ways to better protect whales and end the harassment and slaughter of these magnificent animals that occur every year.

Sushi Restaurant Under Investigation for Serving Whale

The Hump, a high-end Los Angeles sushi restaurant, is now being investigated for illegally serving whale meat to their upscale clientele as a result of a stealthy “investigation” by Mr. Hambleton, who just won an Academy Award for the documentary, “The Cove”.

According to the NYT, Mr. Hambleton fashioned a small-camera and was able to obtain footage of two vegans in the sushi restaurant ordering and being served “thick pink slices” of what the waitress called “whale”. The two vegans then acted squeamish, which they probably were, and shoved the mystery meat into a zip-lock bag in a purse.

Silent Suffering: Why Marine Mammals Can Not be Kept in Captivity

With the recent death of a Sea World trainer in Orlando, Florida the plight of marine mammals in captivity has been brought to light once again and it is important to remember that, while the death of the 40 year old trainer, was rather unfortunate, we must remember that it is the Orcas that are the true victims along with other marine mammals held in captivity.

Help Prevent Sanctioned Whale Slaughter

When we experience progress firsthand, don’t you get so excited? I remember when Taco Bell started paying its tomato pickers fair wages and I was so excited to get a quesadilla from The Bell again! From the Global Gag Rule to passing endangered species laws to getting harmful chemicals banned, we will certainly take what we can get and celebrate every step forward.

It’s the steps backward that make us outraged.

In a move that Greenpeace simply describes as “baffling,” the International Whaling Commission—scratch that, not the entire Commission itself, but a teeny tiny group within the group—is trying to save the whales by reinstating commercial whaling.

That’s like getting people to lose weight by offering them all-you-can-eat buffets every day.