October 2010

Free Willy For Real

Remember how much seeing Willy the orca warmed our hearts back in the ‘90s? Today, an orca is crying out for our help. I hope you will join me in calling for the release of Morgan, a young whale captured on the Dutch coast this summer.

Morgan was found separated from her pod, weak and upset. SOS Dolfijn, the Dutch rescue group for marine animals, helped to capture her and nurse her to health. Morgan was placed in the Dolfinarium, where she was supposed to simply recover and be released back into the ocean once fully healthy.

Despite Findings, We Still Treat Dolphins Like Toys

Did you hear about how dolphins were recently dubbed the second most intelligent creatures on the planet—and that scientists say that because of their intelligence, they should be treated as “non-human persons”? Indeed, seeing as how creative dolphins are—how they’ve even developed the talent of blowing bubbles to entertain themselves—it’s high time we paid them more respect. (Of course, I’d argue the same for most animals.)

Yet, even knowing all of this—even being informed that not only do dolphins communicate in complex ways similar to humans and that they are even smarter than chimps—we still continue to treat dolphins like toys, or simply trophies to be displayed.