August 2012

Ambergris: A hidden treasure

UK eight-year-old stumbles upon up to $60k worth of sperm whale vomit

In today’s hard economy, one needs to do whatever they can to make a buck and survive.  Usually this means getting a job and humping into work every day like every other shmoe.  Other times, however, this means getting lucky and striking it rich.  And if you can’t win the lottery, there’s something that’s almost as good - finding a nice pile of dried-up sperm whale vomit.

California’s water vs. southern killer whale population

There’s a battle going on in California over whether or not the southern resident killer whale rightly has a place on the endangered species list.  These whales currently have a population of around 85 and live primarily off the western coast of Vancouver Island.  Periodically, they travel and spend some time near the central Californian coast.  In order to comply with the endangered species restrictions, water supplies must be regulated to keep the salmon population up so that these whales have an adequate food supply.  This has some farmers up-in-arms and they have decided to petition to remove the whales from protection and regain their water.