November 2012

Shutting down fishing to save whales…and make way for oil drilling

The deception behind California’s Marine Life Protection Act.

Some may have heard of the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), an initiative passed in the state of California which was touted as being a law that would protect whales and other marine life from the harm that human beings can cause.  The goal was to create protected zones so as to maintain sustainable fishing while allowing marine life to have a steady food supply.  Fishing is an important economic element of

World’s rarest whale unseen until 2010

An accidental death gives scientists the chance to see and study one of the rarest mammals on Earth

The spade-toothed beaked whale has, for some time, been little more than a 15-foot long mystery of the ocean.  As the world’s rarest whale, scientists knew very little about it other than what they could glean from various skull fragments found over the last 125 years.  It wasn’t until two years ago, in December of 2010, that they first saw more than bones.  A mother and a calf washed up on the shores of a New Zealand beach and opened up a whole new chance to study the creature.

Whale protection in Australia being ignored?

Major energy company uses seismic testing in whale feeding ground despite known effects

Testing for natural resources in the ocean has become quite the controversial subject with regards to the impact that is has on whale populations and their survival.  Recently, an energy company by the name of Woodside decided to use a testing technique that implements air guns to find deposits of natural gas beneath the ocean’s surface.  This technique shoots compressed air at high velocity and creates a seismic blast, which anyone with a bit of scientific knowledge knows can be very harmful to whales in a number of ways.